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Sunday, October 2, 2016

A New Woman To Love - Liberian Women in Business

I just discovered Liberian Women in Business just as my Liberian business partner  is about to launch his new website

I have years back published Favorite Women On Line and after a long lull I am awakened to explore again. I am yet to discover them though. But just knowing such a website of Inspiring Liberian Women exists is something I am delighted about.

In particular I want to discover how much we share in values paramount of which is health, wealth and freedom. But my values are far from limited to these. I am sure the entrepreneurial spirit carries with it much more. 

As I said I just discovered. I am yet to discover in particular as I explore in the days ahead.

Just becoming aware of the overview makes my heart whisper: I Love You Liberian Women in Business.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Favorite Women Online

Over the past few years when I was learning how to blog, write online, build website and do online marketing I came across women online who caught my attention and found their sites worth bookmarking. Their respective radiance, creativity, intelligence and inspirational quotient captured me for good. Here is an initial listing arranged alphabetically:


Carrie Green

Founder Female Entrepreneurs Association

Celestine Chua

Life Coach - Personal Excellence Blogger - Student of Life

Jackie Ulmer

Direct Sales Coach


Jessica Higdon 

 Social Media Maven 


Katie Freiling 

 Entrepreneur - Coach & Speaker - Global Shift Leader

Marie Forleo 

 Business Strategist - Marketing Maven - Spiritual Ass-Kicker

Melanie Duncan

  Success and Freedom Teacher


Michelle MacPhearson 

Niche Internet Marketing How-to Provider

Nathalie Lussier 

 Digital Strategist


Simona Rich 

 Personal Development Coach

Tien Frogget

Third Generation Artist - Creative Media Maven

Learn from and delight in their respective gifts shared so lavishly and freely.