Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woman of Global Heart

Beloved Woman, you are a woman of global heart. You have dedicated your life in upholding the human rights of the poorest and the most vulnerable beyond the limits of your national home and “addressed issues of international justice”; engaging with the challenges it entail whenever you can, wherever there is need across the world. The range of your heart’s reach awakens in me such depth of awe, respect, admiration, reverence, and love that entrains my heart and spirit to you and all that you advocate. I pray that the energy of God needed to further release the power of your vision flow profusely in all you are concerned with and that you be rewarded with seeing your vision realized even beyond what you hope for. There is joy right now in the reality of your global heart pulsating in women with similar heartbeats, scattered and spreading towards the different national, regional, local, community spheres of various countries. I pray that your Ethical Global Initiative translate into Ethical National Initiative of every government and nations of the world and that they be translated further into “truly effective collective action at national and international levels to secure those rights for everyone in our world, without distinction.”

Beloved woman, you who are spread across the face of the earth, may your heart find resonance with the heartbeat of the global heart and radiate a pulsation that will touch whoever find themselves within your range and reach and give birth to more offspring of justice and love.

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