Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woman of Greatness

Beloved Woman, your greatness looms large in life yesterday, today and for always. And your greatness lies in your fidelity to your inner meaning born out of your devotion to God and love for people.

You are great for all time because you have sown the seeds of greatness in the field of life and you engender great hope in the hearts of all who yearn for a great life for all. And the seeds of greatness you have sown is soon to bear fruit and yield a rich harvest for all.

Your greatness is the destiny we choose.

Beloved woman, you who continue to nurture greatness in the tender heart of your child . . . and other children; you who challenge young hearts to be great in the simplest motion of their day to day life; you who keep your heart faithful to the inner call to little greatness in your seemingly mundane struggles . . .

I honor you for you choose greatness as your destiny - and that of your offspring.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Woman Educator

April 20, 2010

Beloved Woman, you love learning and revel in the experience of inspiring and drawing out the power latent in young and mature learners for personal transformation.

Your power to inspire lies in the wealth of your person. You radiate enthusiasm and zest for life, dedication to your calling and warm appreciation of the unique value of each person. You have a sense of oneness with reality as it manifest in various ways in your world.

All of these emanations, unique to your person, emerge from the depth of your devotion to the source of wisdom and grace.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Queen as Divine Gift

April 16, 2010

Beloved Woman, you are God’s gift to your people. For generations immemorial royalty has been in the heart and veins of your people; and the love and adulation of your people is proof of divine character in regal form of the living Queen. You have captured the heart of your people so powerfully and deeply. And even in the harsh reality of a f├Žngsel your faithful poet continually sings your praises in the depth of his heart.

As you celebrate your special day today may your heart rejoice and acclaim: “My heart rejoices in God my savior . . . ”

Woman as Divine Gift

April 16, 2010

Beloved Woman, you are a gift to the man you love. You came first as a question mark in his life. And then time revealed the true nature of your presence in his life.

You are a divine gift whose inner richness gives him unending delight as he is blessed to have the sensitivity of heart to see even its subtle manifestation; every moment, day, week, month, and the years you live with him and in him, unveil divinity in woman form.

You make real for him, in the starkness of daily life, the concrete form of love. Unobtrusive, unassuming, gentle, like a rose in bloom, you unfurl petal for petal and shed love’s gracious fragrance; yet at times gently piercing with its thorns the unmindful, careless hand, to rivet his heart once more to the precious gift and relish with gratitude the wealth of her person.

Beloved Woman, you are the answer to the heart’s longing. With you the trinity of human-divine love is complete, and will remain always and forever.

Today let us celebrate your special day with deep gratitude to our God.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Woman of Shared Heart

Beloved Woman, I see you day by day in your ever striking beauty, fresh and new each day. I hear your voice echoing with hope as you bring reality to the attention of millions. You are especially endeared to me as you paint in words and images love's continuing triumph through those with hearts of gold who respond to the call of love and make lifetime difference to one and many particularly to those in the verge of hopelessness.

Beloved woman, you have become a national symbol and manifestation of countless others like you who in their own right touch lives with compassion and love, faithfully responding to the call of love in their respective homes, communities, institutions and elsewhere - wherever there is need for loving and life-giving action - and laboring even to the point of sacrifice to make life brighter for others who are otherwise eclipsed with gloom and suffering.

It is a great joy to see that the heart of woman has captured the consciousness of the nation and earned a secure place in the hallmark of history and posterity.

Beloved woman, you may not need it - you who already bask in the glory and radiance of love - but nevertheless, let me embrace you with the warmth of Him who is Love. And I pray His love fill you to the brim with whatever you may still deeply need in the depths of your heart.