Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woman of Greatness

Beloved Woman, your greatness looms large in life yesterday, today and for always. And your greatness lies in your fidelity to your inner meaning born out of your devotion to God and love for people.

You are great for all time because you have sown the seeds of greatness in the field of life and you engender great hope in the hearts of all who yearn for a great life for all. And the seeds of greatness you have sown is soon to bear fruit and yield a rich harvest for all.

Your greatness is the destiny we choose.

Beloved woman, you who continue to nurture greatness in the tender heart of your child . . . and other children; you who challenge young hearts to be great in the simplest motion of their day to day life; you who keep your heart faithful to the inner call to little greatness in your seemingly mundane struggles . . .

I honor you for you choose greatness as your destiny - and that of your offspring.

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