Saturday, April 3, 2010

Woman of Shared Heart

Beloved Woman, I see you day by day in your ever striking beauty, fresh and new each day. I hear your voice echoing with hope as you bring reality to the attention of millions. You are especially endeared to me as you paint in words and images love's continuing triumph through those with hearts of gold who respond to the call of love and make lifetime difference to one and many particularly to those in the verge of hopelessness.

Beloved woman, you have become a national symbol and manifestation of countless others like you who in their own right touch lives with compassion and love, faithfully responding to the call of love in their respective homes, communities, institutions and elsewhere - wherever there is need for loving and life-giving action - and laboring even to the point of sacrifice to make life brighter for others who are otherwise eclipsed with gloom and suffering.

It is a great joy to see that the heart of woman has captured the consciousness of the nation and earned a secure place in the hallmark of history and posterity.

Beloved woman, you may not need it - you who already bask in the glory and radiance of love - but nevertheless, let me embrace you with the warmth of Him who is Love. And I pray His love fill you to the brim with whatever you may still deeply need in the depths of your heart.

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