Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Faithful Woman

Beloved woman, you have been faithful to the man you love, for 5 years, for 10 years, for 15 years, for 20 years, for 25 years – 31 years - for many more years and forever. You have been faithful to your sons, your daughters (of the flesh and the spirit), the daily demands of love and the relentless challenge of your personal calling.

With unfeigned gesture, so naturally graceful, you tend your special garden and cast seeds of dedication and greatness in the hearts and lives of the gifts entrusted to you as well as others who were sent or drawn to your inviting and welcoming life. And you watered these seeds with dew from dark nights of quiet tears and warm them with the daily shine of your joyful love for life. You alone know the bitter sweetness of what it takes to wait and give birth to a life full of anticipation and hope – a life that begets life in unseen waves of goodness and whose ripple reaches much beyond.

From where comes such strength of heart to keep faith with joy, peace and fortitude through all these years even amidst the grueling and the grinding movement in the wheel of life? It comes from the one you are faithful to - the Beloved who is faithful to you from the moment he conceives of you to grace his world. I know, for you are a woman of faith and prayer.

Beloved woman, you are my heart’s joy and delight. I love you!

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