Friday, March 8, 2013

Woman, Loveliest of Creation

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You are simply woman.

You are aware and in strong, confident possession of the fundamental reality of your being and live that so naturally.

All that you are flow so gracefully from that deep delight in being woman – a subtle blending of self-consciousness and self-forgetfulness - that manifest as simply being woman, pure and simple.

Your beauty is your being, independent of the accidents - which are just drawn naturally to paint the shades of changing color which your life and relations demands.

You create life in your being and becoming and doing; you paint the world with your creations in the grand and minutest canvass of daily life, work and leisure and they are sealed with the unmistakable mark of being woman.

You are not afraid to commit your being to the here and now . . . and forever.

I Love You Woman, loveliest of creation.

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