Sunday, February 7, 2010

Woman of Prayer

Beloved woman, you are a woman of prayer. It is in your very nature to pray because it is in your nature to love; and prayer is among the highest expressions of love.

You are first of all devoted to the source of love and life – God – because you have within the depths of your being an intuition for and kinship with the creative energy that nurtures life. You have within you millenial experience of bringing forth life and it is second nature for you to turn to the source of life much as a sunflower bends towards the sun. And it is from the warm and gentle rays of the Son that you draw the tenderness that opens the hearts of man and child.

Beloved woman, I see you in those moments of silence and solitude when you rise before dawn, and with an awakened passion rise to meet the beckoning call of the Beloved.

I see you in the MetroRail, swaying stiff in the rocking cadence of noise, with closed eyes, lost in the presence of Him who draws you in the dance of stillness.

I see you in the vigil night with one hand caressing the head of your child, nourishing him back to health as with the other hand you move your fingers through beads of prayer-roses being offered to the Beloved.

I see you dancing before the Heavenly King with delight and exuberant joy, celebrating the happiness of being chosen, loved and blessed.

I see you prostrate to the ground, facing the east of hope, in centuries of reverent submission and loving obedience to the will of the Almighty.

I see you on your knees, faithful to your hour of perpetual adoration before the Altar of His Presence with the world in your heart and your heart within the Holy of Holies.

I see you transfixed before the computer screen in virtual adoration with multitudes of cyber hermits across the worldwide web.

I see you basking in the warm sunshine, caressed by the cool breeze that blows from the field yonder, crying in silent plea to the God of mercy for the many homeless children you carry in your bosom.

I see you before the open scripture in rapt attention to the inner voice that speaks to you, filling your heart’s hunger and thirst for wisdom and grace.

I see you, and you . . . and I behold with my heart’s eye the spiritual energy field encroaching the noosphere* that blankets humanity.

Beloved woman of prayer, you encompass the world in your compassionate heart and love flows forth to each and every individual you hold dear in your heart, radiating waves of vibrant, life-giving energy; and there’s no measuring the gradient of goodness that brings freshness to weary hearts and fruitfulness to barren lives.

Beloved woman of prayer, I dream that the flame in your heart enkindles the hearts of others in an ever growing circle of spirit-fire and thus we may experience in our midst the quiet yet immense power for good of a network of hearts pulsating with the spiritual energy of Divine Love.

And yes you can do it even more through all the open lines for communion, communication and transmission of the energy of love – the mental line of focused intent, the spiritual line of intercessory prayer, psychological line of empathy, the technical line of phone, text and email and through simple heart to heart sharing and word of invitation, encouragement and challenge.The Prayer: Deepening Your Friendship with God (Volume 3, Soul's Longing Series)The Transforming Power of Prayer: Deepening Your Friendship With God

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