Friday, January 22, 2010

Lovely Woman

Beloved woman, you are lovely. Your loveliness flows from your deep consciousness of yourself as a loveable person and from your responsiveness to your caring nature.

You are deeply aware and confident of your worth as a child of God and revel in the experience of being loved always; and from this flow your loveliness. You exude about you an aura of warmth and happiness, a sheer delight of joy in the experience of living – something which all persons seek for and relish once they felt a sense of them radiating from someone.

You can further nurture your loveliness by simply affirming to yourself these realities already experienced by you and sensed in you by others. Your personal affirmation expressed in positive words and charged with uplifting emotion radiate invisible energy that caresses the sensibility of people. Close your eyes and relish the realities of these words:

“I am a lovely person, a loveable person.”
“I delight in the love being poured upon me now.”
“I live in a world filled with love.”
“I experience love flowing to me now and closing upon me.”
“Every little things of delight in my world is love touching my
heart . . . the wind that caresses my face, the softness of the
pillow, the sweetness of the fruit I am savoring, the soothing
music that I am listening to, the tender touch of the child
beside me . . . . all are love touching and embracing me . . .”
“My heart has only room for love, and I am happy.”
“My heart radiates only love and care for others.”

Loveliness increases the more you radiate love. Practice at all times this little secret from one of the most inspiring book in the modern world
The Greatest Secret in the World by Og Mandino: in silence and to yourself address all whom you meet and say ‘I love you’ and the miracle of loveliness will flow back continuously in you.

You are lovely because you are a caring person; and your caring nature is evident, primarily in your special attention to your whole being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You only welcome in your person those that further your well-being: healthy food and activity that nourish your beauty and strength, feelings that uplift you and give energy for action, thoughts that create a world of light and opportunity and challenges that expand your heart towards God with devotion and towards others with love, care and service.

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