Monday, January 4, 2010

Woman You Are Queen

Beloved woman, I love you as queen. I can only think of you as queen. I can only treasure you in my heart as queen. A queen has the highest dignity and honor; a rare and precious treasure like – but infinitely much more – the largest of diamond. And that is how you are to me.

My desire for you is that you remain queen for always. It may be second nature for you to live as queen; then you are rightful queen by heritage. In my heart I bow before you – you know who you are – in highest esteem, homage and respect. You may experience being queen as a matter of dream, perhaps aspiration. Or, you may experience it as an awakening to who you really are.

You are by nature queen. Whoever you are, wherever you are coming from, you have a domain where you can reign – a man’s heart or that of an adoring child, a circle of devoted friends, your dedicated workforce or a people you serve.

Beloved woman, know you are queen. Reign as queen; this is a most important dimension of your being in the world, for to reign is to love.

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