Sunday, January 3, 2010

Love Comes To You

03 January 2009

Love is a current of energy and power with the single intent of giving life to all who are ready and willing to welcome it through all its myriad manifestations. And the way to harness its power is simply to align one’s being – body, mind and heart - with its intent. It is a power one can ride on and direct to by uniting one’s personal intention with its universal intent; being energy it goes beyond where physical being is restricted. Making powerful intention towards someone makes love flow towards her direction.

And so I am closing my eyes and directing all my attention to love and opening my heart to love’s energy, power and intent and directing them to you beloved woman. This is my prayer . . . let your heart be filled with love.

Relax yourself, close your eyes gently, silence your mind, quiet your heart and feel the love flowing in and around you – in the cool wind from your window, in the warmth from your fireplace, in the soft touch of the person beside you flame . . . . Stay calm, take time, retire yourself for a while and receive all that you long for from love . . . love gives joy. . . . peace . . . . acceptance . . . . courage . . . . confidence . . . . encouragement . . . . enthusiasm . . . . passion . . . . whatever you need at the moment. Stay. . . relish love for as long as you wish . . . .

Now open your eyes and simply drink in the presence of love around you in the minutest blessing that life has bestowed upon you. Notice them, be aware of them, feel gratitude in your heart for them, say prayer of thanks for each one of them. These things are not without life. Every bit of blessing you now enjoy vibrates with the energy of love, you can caress them and they vibrate with the pulsation of love within you.

Then, live today with love in your heart. Let it flow in your face and let its radiance shine in the radiant smile you freely give to all those around you. Let love flow everywhere, to everyone – make small and big intentions of love to all who comes to you. Wonder of wonders, love flows back to you in torrent. Just wait, it trickles in the beginning, then like a river that widens with space and time it comes to you in even surprising ways.

Today and all the days of your life welcome love coming to you. For I love you beloved woman.

Let it flow and you will never want for love anymore. Let it flow and the faint heart you have will grow strong with love.

"Spiritual energy flows in and produces effects in the phenomenal world."
William James

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