Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dream Woman

Beloved woman, I love you with an extraordinary love and devotion because I have come to know the woman par excellence – the woman nestled in the very depths of your being. She is the woman every woman truly longs to be. She is the eternal feminine - Mary, Mother of God.

“She is what every woman wants to be, when she looks at
Herself. She is the woman whom every man marries in ideal
when he takes a spouse; she is hidden as an ideal in the
discontent of every woman with the carnal aggressiveness of
of man; she is the secret desire every woman to be honored
and fostered; she is the way every woman wants to command
respect and love because of the beauty of her goodness of
body and soul. And this blueprint love whom God loved before
the world was made; this Dream Woman before women were, is
the one of whom every heart can say in its depths of depths:
“She is the Woman I love!””
Fulton J. Sheen, The World’s First Love

No matter what your beliefs are, knowing the story of Mary will not fail to inspire you with what is best a woman could ever be. You will discover a freshness that will challenge you towards a profound sense of oneness with her in experiencing the essence of woman and becoming a powerful force for good and transformation of the world.

The World’s First Love, written by a brilliant man of God in a simple and lucid manner is a moving and eloquent portrayal of Mary. It is a beautiful tapestry of light from history, philosophy and theology about the most adorable woman that ever lived.

Drink always from this well of sweet wisdom and strength.The World's First LoveThe World's First Love

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