Sunday, January 3, 2010

About I Love You Woman - Love Notes to Woman

31 December 2009

This blog is for you beloved woman. Whoever you are, wherever you are, however young or mature you are, whatever role you have in life, no matter how powerful or meek you are, whether you are queen or mere bondswoman, this blog is for you – you who are magnificent in your myriad of images, so varied, so unique as you are, yet essentially one and the same – a being of exquisite beauty and loveliness.

This is a love offering to you; gleanings from the fruits of the creative energy of love that runs through all and speaks through all. Should you find them resonating in your heart, delighting your soul, awakening your mind; should they challenge you, make you feel more alive, touch you in whatever way. . . then receive them as your own, treasure them and caress them in your heart, let them dance in your mind; they are yours . . . simply because you are woman.

Should you find a need for meaningful dialogue, for a way to share your thoughts, your joys and delights, even your fears and uncertainties to one who will always accept and understand, feel free to do so. This blog is devoted to you – to your well-being, your fulfillment and your happiness.