Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Woman of Immense Power and Beauty

“I'm a being of immense power and breathtaking beauty created in the image of God.”

Beloved woman, I see you as young and seemingly frail, but your tenderness indeed masked maturity and strength, energy and passion that radiate what you affirmed in faith and intuitive knowing. You are indeed a being of immense beauty and power.

Both beauty and power emerge from a realm deep within the heart and soul of woman. There is beauty and power in the heart and inner being first before they manifest outwardly. You are woman of beauty and strength because you have nurtured within your heart all the elements of beauty – grace, serenity, joy, inner poise, confidence, loving kindness and loveliness; and you have tamed energy and passion with courage, intentionality, resolution, determination and resiliency in the pursuit of goodness through active endeavor even amidst challenge and adversity.

With the whole wide world before you I sing to you:

“Climb every mountain,
Ford every stream, follow every rainbow
Till your dream, comes true . . .”

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