Thursday, January 21, 2010

Woman of Power

Beloved woman, you are a woman of power. Your power, however, lies in your propensity to generate and nurture life. In your very person is encoded millennium of experience caring for life through the physical and spiritual energy of your being. The more aware you are of this power in your person, the more energy you are able to generate in you (and through you to others as well) to create, nurture, enrich and protect life.

Man has been in the rampage of war and destruction from time immemorial through all stages of his march in history; and in his blind madness he trampled upon woman and child. But you, beloved woman, you are the mother of peace; and in you, my heart leans on with great hope because your tender and gentle nature has a reservoir of life giving energy and power. This you can direct through invisible veins that connect you with your kind by bonds of sympathetic nature and with particular persons by bonds of love and affection.

You have within you half-discovered ways to generate transforming influence for good that is in keeping with the purity of your heart: the natural power of directed intent and the spiritual power of faith-filled prayer. They could be one and the same power just expressed differently according to the ground from which you stand and face the challenge of life. The first from the ground of intuitive knowing of the creative energy of one’s being, the second from the ground of faith in God.

The power of directed intent

You may connect to the creative energy of your being by harnessing the power of your thoughts and emotions and directing them towards people through your empowering intentions. Thoughts, images, emotions are energies that can flow towards your intended direction. This reality can be gleaned from the experience of sensing someone looking with focused attention towards you from behind and discovering someone really gazing at you when you look back. The energy of your being can flow to others – to people you love, even to people you don’t know personally. The image you form in your mind - especially positively and emotionally charged ones - and projected to them can be caught consciously, though oftentimes unconsciously, and influence them for good. By entering into a state of relaxed quiet, calm and peace you can create powerful thoughts and images which you can direct and project towards others, no matter where they are, and help them be lifted up to a more positive, vibrant state of being. The possibility for generating fuller life experience and transformation for other people is simply great. And this can be a simple way of making acts of love for others when you are otherwise hindered by physical distance, obstacle or some other hindrances.

The power of faith-filled prayer

For woman of faith, the reality of the power of prayer should be second nature to you. It connects you to the very wellspring of creative energy which has the power to influence and open the hearts of people and likewise change circumstances for good.

Beloved woman, you are strong in heart and mind, you have the power of loving greatly. I rejoice in knowing that you fill your world with love.

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