Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Woman and the Star of Life

Christmas Thoughts

More than exchanging gifts, Christmas is the real thanksgiving day for the gift of persons in our life.

The Star of Bethlehem points to the most important person ever borne by a woman: Jesus, the Word made flesh. He is the Bright Star that brightens the darkness of human night. With him are all the other stars that, in the background, also make life worth living for and truly being grateful for - persons we love and persons who love us.

Star of Bethlehem from Mary Bea Sullivan.

To all persons I love and love me, together with all persons who, one way or another, touched my life and are touched by my life , including readers near and far . . . thank you for being part of my life and making me part of your life. I wish and pray for God's precious blessings for each one of you.

Happy and Blessed Christmas!

"Jesus Makes Us See the World Through the Eyes of God"

Pope Benedict XVI

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