Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Woman of Music

Beloved Woman, you came at a time when my heart was longing for home and our destiny since then had been intertwined, stranger though am I to you. You will for all time be making music which I for all time will be listening again and again. Your music makes my life full of deep joy that comes with enchantment and oneness with all that I treasure and cherish.

Homecoming is my doorway to a whole new world, ethereal yet so real, heavenly yet so earthy, divine yet so human. Indeed music is the language of the spirit, but in the same vein its vibration is the vibration of matter, the flesh, nature, the world; and your music catalyzes the oneness of being in my heart. May the music of my spirit born by the prayer of my heart, through some mysterious alchemy of the spheres, reach and touch you with grateful love and fondness for all the gifts of music and song springing forth from the creative power of your love.

Beloved Woman of Music, Thank you!
Inspirational Journey

Between Worlds

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